In an intensely competitive city like Hong Kong, you can find the best of everything. Taste the best cuisines, from street food to fine dining at Michelin-starred restaurants, to the best thrills, greenery and inspiration the city has to offer. It is where contrast, variety, trendiness and excitement live side by side.
And this is expressed as: 'Best of all, it's in Hong Kong'
What makes our destination brand special and distinctive is a set of four attributes, or 'brand DNA'

A city that never sleeps, Hong Kong is bursting with an energy that never fails to exhilarate visitors. Dull moments do not exist here.

East, West, urban, natural, modern or ancient, in Hong Kong strikingly different worlds coexist, offering visitors an amazing array of contrasting experiences.

Hong Kong makes life easier for travellers! No other place packs such a variety of rich and diverse experiences into an area that is so easy and fast to get around.

By adopting and adapting global trends, Hong Kong nurtures its own unique style to offer products and experiences sought after the world over.

There are also seven core experiences — tangible elements — that support the brand promise: dining, shopping, nightlife, attractions, arts and entertainment, sports and great outdoors, and living culture.
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